Real quick, I need to tell you about how grateful I am for all the wonderful music I’ve been able to feature in this series. Some of these bands are friends, and some of them are strangers, but they are all so generous and I can’t thank them enough for contributing their art to ours. Their music is a big part of what makes this series what it is. If you dig what you hear, explore further with the links below and buy some vinyl, go to a show, or hell, just put your favorite song on your Facebook or whatever you kids are doing these days.
xoxo Marissa

Opening Credits
“Down Under” by Navajo Bixby

Episode One
“Me SacaronDel Tenapa” by Chalino Sanchez y Cornelio Reyna
“Maori Mi” by Monster Rally
“Tropical Birds” by Miniature Tigers

Episode Two
“Reruns” by Holiday Shores
“Coyote Enchantment” by Miniature Tigers
“La Kooka” by Monster Rally

Episode Three
“The Birds (Pt. 1-2)” by Monster Rally
“Dry Land” by The Distnce
“Honey Moon” by Monster Rally
“Coast to Coast” by Twerps

Episode Four
“Brian Krakow” by Summer Camp
“Surf Erie” by Monster Rally
“Before Kiddos Bath” by Dumbo Gets Mad
“Indian Food”by Dumbo Gets Mad
“Swanky” by Monster Rally
“Siberian Girls” by Monster Rally
“Sleep Talk” by Shannon & The Clams

Episode Five
“Sunbay Hotel” by Monster Rally & RUMTUM
“Jaguar” by Monster Rally
“The Wolf” by Monster Rally
“White Wine” by The Hiya Dunes
“Misery” by TV Girl

Episode Six
“Collectors” by Springtime Carnivore
“I Wonder Who She’s Kissing” by TV Girl
“On The Fence” by TV Girl
“Mighty Love” by Roman Ruins
“Last One To Know” by Springtime Carnivore

Episode Seven
“Limeade” by Jeans Wilder
“The Hearse” by Wampire
“Coasting” by RUMTUM + Monster Rally
“Land Lobster” by The Bingers
“Moonglows (Yalls Remix)” by Monster Rally
“Keep Me Distracted” by TV Girl
“Sparkler” by Jeans Wilder

Episode Eight
“Zombies” by Surf City
“Foreign Bodies” by Radiation City
“Coma Summer” by Weekend